Here is a record of the teaching and project supervision I’ve done, as much for myself as anyone else!


Lecture courses

Scientific Programming with Python

I have taught variations of this course for most of the past ten years, originally for PhD students in the School of Physics at Nottingham, then as part of the Midlands Physics Alliance (and hence to PhD students at Nottingham, Birmingham, Warwick, and occasionally Leicester, Loughborough and Keele). It has also been attended by undergrad project students, postdocs and occasionally professors!

The module is now delivered jointly to Masters students on our MSc Machine Learning in Science programme and PhD students via MPAGS. The latest course materials can be found here.


I am co-leader of First Year (since 2018/19), with primary responsibilities for engagement and assessement.

Lecture courses

Quantitative Physics
First-year core module, lecturer 2015/16 – present, convenor 2016/17 – present
Research Techniques in Astronomy
Fourth-year module, lecturer 2013/14 – 2018/19
Structure of Galaxies
Second-year module, lecturer 2012/13
Extreme Astrophysics
Third-year module, shadow 2012/13 – present

Third year projects

I supervise various projects, often using the School’s observatory. I also manage the maintenance and development of this facility, and coordinate the training of general users.

Galaxy morphology versus environment — Patrycja Siwek & Zoe Thompson
The effect of pair interactions on galaxy morphology — Subin Saji & Andrew Longden
Understanding the wavelength-dependence of galaxy structure — Zayed Alkatheeri & Alexander Berman
Eclipsing binary stars — Conor Lyon & Eve Gardiner
Distances to stellar clusters — Beza Taye & Elizabeth Havercroft
Observing minor planets — Rahul Makwana & Benjamin Wegh
Observing minor planets — Sorcha Craven Heffernan & Samuel Smith
Distances to stellar clusters —Daniel Sheasby
Eclipsing binary stars — Harry Lyon & Joe McLoughlin
Distances to stellar clusters — Matthew Canham & Dan Hamill
Eclipsing binary stars — Harry Foscoe & Thomas Hopkinson
Observing minor planets — Joshua Crane & Romain Vandemeulebrouck
Eclipsing binary stars — Amélie Tamone & Alfred Holton-Stoppani
Distances to stellar clusters — Kieran Smith & Christopher Le Quesne
Observing Minor Planets — Emily Stapleton & Ashley Chrimes
Measuring distances to stellar clusters — Harry Green & Jack Mosley
Observing Minor Planets — Charutha Krishnan & Pierandrea Guarnieri
Measuring distances to stellar clusters — Gareth Hardman & Chris Corbett
Observing Exoplanet Transits — Avais Kiani & Alim Mustafa
Observing Minor Planets — James Lavender & Ross Hart
Gathering photons from stars to determine how distant they are — James Cottell & Joe Devine

Fourth year projects

Redshifting galaxies with neural networks — Larissa Palethorpe, Elizabeth Havercroft & Aiden Rolfe
Physically realistic neural networks and machine learning — Aaron Lamb & Jake Shaw
Physically realistic neural networks and machine learning — Alexander Coles & Leam Howe
Performance of advanced object detection algorithms on astronomical images — Dominic Askew & Jack Rowbotham
Hierarchical Bayesian modelling of galaxy scaling relations — Callum Martin-Moore & Ryan Chatha
Galaxy kinematics versus Galaxy Zoo morphology — Luke Matthews & Luc Magwood
Spiral arms and the localisation of star-formation — Joel Miller
Spiral arms and the localisation of star-formation — Nishith Chennakeshava & Harry Green
The effect of dust on measurements of galaxy structure — Michael Hillier, Myles Selvey & Luke Todhunter
Disk galaxies versus environment — Joshua Greenslade & Alastair Machin
Spiral galaxies versus environment — Christopher Rosslowe & Robert Mackay