This is a list of current and past PhD students I have supervised.

I am interested in recruiting a new PhD student to work on applying deep learning to galaxy evolution.

Current PhD students

  • Jordan de-Ville (Started 2021, working on measuring intracluster light with EUCLID, co-supervised with Nina Hatch and Alfonso Aragón-Salamanca)
  • Clár-Bríd (CB) Tohil (Started 2019, working on using deep learning to characterise the morphology of high-redshift galaxies, co-supervised with Chris Conselice)

Previous PhD students

  • Ross Hart (Started 2014, completed 2018, thesis here)
  • Rebecca Kennedy (Started 2013, completed 2017, thesis here)
  • James Sprinks (Started 2011, completed 2016, thesis here, Horizon CDT, 33%, co-supervised with Jeremy Morley and Rob Houghton)
  • Bruno Rodríguez Del Pino (Started 2011, completed 2015, thesis here, 50%, co-supervised with Alfonso Aragón-Salamanca)